Independence day speech in English for school and collage students and for professionals

Independence day speech in English for professionals

” On the event of Independence Day, many of the Government and Private organisations, schools, and various other departments announce holiday. The celebrations of Independence Day will be held at all Government organisations and offices. Employees interested in celebrations will attend the occasion. In schools, the Independence Day celebrations will be made grand. Chocolates and sweets will be distributed to children on this special occasion. “

” On this special and memorable occasion speech is the part of each celebration. Especially in schools, Teachers and students render their valuable speech. Also in Government offices, people celebrating the occasion will give their speeches. This is the one occasion we feel great to born in this nation. Independence is the result of sacrifice done by millions of people. Today we are able to celebrate this day because of the freedom we have obtained from the Britishers. Many of the pioneers like Gandhi Ji, Subhash Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh, and others have motivated the people to attain independence. Lakhs of Indians lost their lives to achieve freedom to India. We Indians have to feel proud for the sacrifice and determination of our ancestors. “

Independence day speech in English for school and collage students

” Good morning to all my respected teachers, parents and dear friends. Today we have gathered here to celebrate this great national event. As we all know that Independence day is an auspicious occasion for all of us. India’s Independence Day is the most important day to all the Indian citizens and has been mentioned forever in the history. It is the day when we got freedom from the British rule after many years of hard struggle by the great freedom fighters of India. We celebrate independence day every year on 15th of August to remember the first day of freedom of India as well as remember all the sacrifices of the great leaders who have sacrificed their lives in getting freedom for India. “

” A very warm good morning to the respected teachers and my dear friends gathered here. Today we are gathered here to celebrate this auspicious occasion of Independence day on 15th of August. We celebrate this day with lots of enthusiasm and joy every year because our country got freedom at this day in 1947 from the British rule. We are here to celebrate nth number of independence day. It is great and most significant day for all Indians. People of India had suffered cruel behavior of Britishers for many years. Today we have freedom in almost all fields such as education, sports, transportation, business, etc just because of the years of struggle of our forefathers. Before 1947, people were not so free even they were restricted to have rights on their own body and mind. They were slave of Britishers and forced to follow all the orders of them. Today we are free to do anything because of the great Indian leaders who struggled hard for many years to get freedom against British rule. “

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Independence day speech collage students and professionals

” Very good morning to the honorable Chief Guest of the day, respected teachers, parents and my all dear friends. I wish you all a very Happy Independence Day. We all know the reason of get together here in such a big crowd. We all are excited celebrating this great day in such an excellent manner. We are gathered here to celebrate nth independence day of our nation. First of all we hoist our honorable national flag then give a salute to all the heroic deeds of the freedom fighters. I am feeling so proud to be an Indian citizen. I have such a great chance to give a speech on the Independence Day in front of you all. I would like to say thanks to my respected class teacher that she has given me an opportunity to share my views with you all about the freedom of India. “

” A very good morning to the excellencies, respected teachers and my dear colleagues. We are gathered here to celebrate nth Independence day. I am very happy to speech here on this great occasion. I am very grateful to my class teacher to give me such a special opportunity to say my views on the independence day of my country. At this special occasion of independence day I would like to speech on the India’s struggle for getting freedom from the British rule. “

Independence day speech for school and collage students and for professionals

” India is going to celebrate its nth Independence day on August 15 . On Independence day, honorable prime minister Narendhra Modi will deliver the independence day message and various programms will be arranged in government and private offices. In schools flag hoisting will be conducted along with many colorful programmes and sweets will be distributed among the students. Independence day speech is the one which can’t be avoided in an independence celebrations. So, most of parents and teachers are now in the search for the simple independence day speech for their kids, children, school and college students to deliver on 71st Indian Independence day. With that on mind we are here providing you an simple and easy catching speech for your kids and students to deliver on Independence day. Download the speech and by heart it and present well to get the appreciation from others. “

” This day is well celebrated in the country with much pleasure. The importance of the day is to remember those freedom fighters because of whom today our life has become so beautiful. During the British rule the children/ kids were not allowed to go to school, no independent trading was allowed. All the goods were taken from India and sold at the British markets with huge prices and giving no profits to the Indians. Indians were treated like slaves. The great freedom fighters Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Mahatma Gandhiji, Jawahar Lal Nehru, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Lala Lajpath Ray all were the famous patriots who fought for the freedom of India.”

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