Best sms jokes hindi

Best sms jokes

” Ladko ko sabse jayada Gussa kab ata hai??
Jab 1 ladka 2 cute sweet Girls ke Bich Baitha ho
tab tisri ladki ke aane ke baad Autowala kahta hai-Bhai tu aage aaja “

Jaanleva purpose
Santa to Gf-I Love You…agar 1 baap ki beti hai to haa bolegi
GF-ladki ne santa ko gale laga liya “

Best sms jokes hindi

” Wife : whenever we keep the money in the bags our son steals it,
I don’t know what to do?
Husband : Keep it in his books. I know he will never touch them…”

” Wife : Ye aap ki shirt per lipstick ka nishan
kahan se aaya?
Husband : Mein khud paresaan hu nishan dekhkar.
Maine tu uss wakt shirt utari hui thi.”

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Sms jokes hindi

” Jyotish ladke ke haath dekhkar bola
“Beta tum bahut padhoge”
Ladka : Saale padh to mein 4 saal se raha hu,
ye bata paas kab hounga??? “

Interviewer: What drives you?
Candidate: The bus mostly.
Interviewer: I mean what motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?
Candidate: Missing the bus! “

Sms jokes hindi

” New way of writting answers in exams.
If you don’t know the answer,
then put lines like this :
and write below :
“Scratch here for ANSWERS “

” 1 boy on his way 2 home with his mom after school,
saw a couple kissing on the road…
He suddenly shouted and said look mom
they are fighting for CHEWING GUM.”

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